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Lily Hill Estate | Lily Hill Estate is our amazing old vine zinfandel vineyard in the heart of the Dry Creek Valley and is also home to our winery. Lily Hill is where our winery is located and where Italian immigrant Adamo Micheli and his young son, Angelo, planted the first vines over 100 years ago in 1915. Angelo and these young vines grew up together and he continued to watch over the land with his own children for the next few decades to come. Today, we have four children of our own, who run on these same hills Angelo did and are lucky enough to have dirt and sunshine as a regular part of their days.

Maple Vineyards | Maple Vineyards is one of the most acclaimed zinfandel producing properties in Sonoma County and we have been fortunate to receive some of this amazing fruit. The Maple Family nurtured this gem of an old-vine vineyard by hand and the quality is evident in the finished product. They turned the reins over to David Rafanelli, another incredible zinfandel farmer that we are honored to partner with at this acclaimed site.

Florence Vineyards | Florence Vineyards Jack Florence Sr. is one of the legendary farmers who helped cultivate the incredible zinfandel vineyards in Dry Creek Valley. In 1999, Jack took plantings from his son, Jack Florence, Jr, who had developed one of the original Rockpile blocks. Jack’s zinfandel budwood came from vines planted during the 1870’s by McElarney & Smith and is fondly referred to as the St.Peter’s Church clone, one of the oldest surviving vineyards in California today. Florence Vineyard is renowed for its incredible aromatics and the velvety depth and complexity.

Rockpile | Rockpile is the most extreme vineyard land in the Dry Creek Valley. Famous for its steep peaks, ripping winds, notorious Jesse James outlaws – and absolutely killer zins – Rockpile combines the rugged with the spectacular. We source our fruit from three vineyard blocks: Westphall, Jack Florence Sr and Rocky Ridge. Perched high above Lake Sonoma, this region’s scarce water, thin soils and thick rock bed make it difficult for vines to establish their roots. This struggle produces fruit with remarkable intensity and complexity, making blockbuster zinfandel.


Big River Ranch | Big River Ranch, is the remarkable home to ancient zinfandel vines planted in 1906. The naturally low crop levels produces intense flavors of blackberry, chocolate, and black pepper that are quite unique to the vineyard and consistent year after year. Our oldest vineyard, the gnarly, weathered vines create an extremely memorable, mouthfilling wine that can age for twenty years.